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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meanings of Flowers and Trees, Part VI

Meanings of Flowers and Trees, Part VI

Mushroom - Suspicion
Mustard Seed - Indifference
Myrrh - Gladness
Myrtle - Love
Narcissus - Egotism
Narcissus (poet's) - self esteem
Nasturtium - Patriotism
Nettle (stinging) - Slander
Nightshade - Witchcraft
Nightshade (woody) - Truth
Nosegay - Gallantry
Nutmeg - Expected meeting
Oak Leaves - Bravery
Oak tree - Hospitality
Oak tree (white) - Independence
Oats - Music
Oleander - Beware
Olive Branch - Peace
Orange tree - Generosity
Orange blossoms - Your purity equals your loveliness
Orchid - A beauty
Orchid (butterfly) - gaiety
Ox eye - Patience
Palm - Victory
Pansy - Thinking good thoughts of you
Parsley - Festivity; feasting; useful knowledge
Parsley (fool's) - Silliness
Passionflower - Belief; religious superstition; susceptibility
Pea (everlasting) - Lasting pleasure; an appointed meeting
Pea (sweet) - Lasting pleasure; departure
Peach - Your qualities, like your charms, are unequaled
Peach blossom - I am your captive
Pear blossom - I am your captive
Pear (prickly) - Satire
Pennyroyal - flee away
Peony - Bashfulness; shame
Peppermint - Warmth of feeling; cordiality
Periwinkle (blue) - Early friendship
Periwinkle (white) - Pleasant recollections
Persicaria - Restoration
Petunia - Don't despair
Phlox - Unanimity
Pimpernel - Assignation; change
Pine - Pity
Pine (spruce) - Hope in adversity
Pineapple - Welcome
Pink  - Boldness
Pink (Carnation) - Woman's love
Pink (double red) - Pure and ardent love
Pink (Indian double) - Always lovely
Pink (Indian single) - Aversion
Pink (single red)- Pure love
Pink (variegated) - Refusal
Pink (white) - Talent
Plane tree - Genius
Plum tree - Keep your promises
Plum tree (wild) - Independence
Polyanthus - Pride of riches
Polyanthus (crimson) - The heart's mystery

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