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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meanings of Flowers and Trees, Part VIII

Meanings of Flowers and Trees, Part VIII

Rosebub (Moss) - Confession of love
Rosebud (Red) - Pure and lovely; You are young and beautiful
Rosebud (White) - A heart ignorant of love; girlhood
Rosemary - Rememberance; Your presence revives me
Roses (Garland of) - Reward of virtue
Rue - Disdain
Sage - Domestic virtue
Sage (Garden) - Esteem
Saffron - Beware of excess; Do not abuse our relationship
Saffron (Meadow) - My best days are past
Salvia (Blue) - I think of you
Salvia (Red) Forever thine
Savory - Boldness
Scabious - Unfortunate love
Scabious (sweet) - Widowhood
Scilla (Blue) - Forgive and forget
Snapdragon - No; presumption
Snowdrop - Hope
Sorrel - Affection; parental affection
Sorrel (wood) - Joy; maternal tenderness
Southernwood - Bantering; jest
Spearmint - Warmth of sentiment
Speedwell - Female fidelity
Spiked Willow Herb - Pretension
Spiderwort - Esteem (without love) 
Starwort (American) - Cheerfulness in old age
Stephanotis - You can boast too much
Stock - Lasting beauty
Stock (Ten-week) - Promptness
Stonecrop - Tranquility
Straw - Agreement
Straw (broken) - Rupture of a contract
Strawberry - Perfect elegance
Strawberry tree - Esteem (with love)
Sunflower (dwarf) - Adoration
Sunflower (Tall) - Haughtiness
Swallow-Wort - Cure for headache
Sweet Basil - Good wishes
Sweetbrier (American) - Simplicity
Sweetbrier (yellow) - Decrease of love

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