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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meanings of Flowers and Trees, Part V

Meanings of Flowers and Trees, Part V

Lemon - Zest
Lemon blossom - Discretion, fidelity in love
Lichen - Dejection
Lilac (field) - Humility
Lilac (purple) - Love's first emotion
Lilac (white) - Youthful innocence; modesty; purity
Lilac Polyanthus - Confidence
Lily (Arum) - Ardor
Lily (Imperial) - Majesty
Lily (white) - Sweetness; modesty; purity
Lily (yellow) - Falsehood; gaiety
Lily of the Valley - Return to happiness; Let's forgive and be happy again
Lime - Conjugal love
Liquorice - I declare against you
Lobelia - Malevolence
Lotus flower - Estranged love
Love-in-a-mist - Perplexity
Love-Lies-Bleeding - Hopeless but not heartless
Lucerne - Life
Lupine - Voraciousness, imagination
Maidenhair - Discretion
Magnolia - Love of nature
Magnolia (laurel-leaved) - Dignity
Magnolia (swamp) - perseverance
Maple - Reserve
Marigold - Grief; despair; melancholy
Marigold (African) - Vulgar-minded
Marigold (French)- Jealousy
Marigold (prophetic)- Prediction
Marjoram - Blushing
Meadowsweet - Uselessness
Mercury - Goodness
Mignonette - You qualities surpass your charms
Mimosa - Sensitiveness
Mint - Virtue; wisdom
Mistletoe - I surmount difficulties
Mock Orange - Counterfeit
Morning Glory - Affection
Moss - Maternal love
Mossy saxifrage - Affection
Motherwort - Concealed love
Mugwort - Happiness
Mulberry (black) - I will not survive you
Mulberry (white) - Wisdom

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