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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meanings of Flowers and Trees, Part IV

Meanings of Flowers and Trees, Part IV

Gillyflower - Lasting and/or unfading beauty; bonds of affection
Gladiola - Strong character
Gloxinia - A proud spirit
Golden rod - Precaution
Gooseberry - Anticipation
Gorse - Enduring affection
Gourd - Extent
Harebell - Grief
Hawthorne - Hope
Hazel - Reconciliation
Helenium - Tears
Heliotrope - Devotion; faithfulness
Hemlock - You will be my death
Hemp - Fate
Hibiscus - Delicate beauty
Holly - Am I forgotten?; foresight
Holly herb - Enchantment
Hollyhock - Ambition; fecundity
Hollyhock (white) - Female ambition
Honesty - Fascination; honesty
Honey flower - Sweet and secret love
Honeysuckle - Devoted affection
Honeysuckle (coral) - Color of my life and/or fate
Honeysuckle (french) - Rustic beauty
Honeysuckle (monthly) - I will not answer hastily
Honeysuckle (wild) - Inconstancy in love
Hop - Injustice
Hornbeam tree - Ornament
Hyacinth - Game, play
Hydrangea - Heartlessness; boastfulness
Hyssop - Cleanliness
Iceland Moss - Health
Ice Plant - Your looks will freeze me
Imperial (crown) - Majesty
Iris - Message for you; flame; my compliments
Iris (yellow) - Passion
Ivy - Fidelity; assiduous to please; marriage
Jacob's ladder - Come down
Jasmine (cape) - I am too happy; transport of joy
Jasmine (Indian) - Attachment
Jasmine (Spanish) - Sensuality
Jasmine (white) - Amiability
Jasmine (yellow) - Grace; elegance
Jonquil - Desiring a return of affection
Judas tree - Unbelief
Laburnum - Pensive beauty; forsaken
Lady's mantle - Fashion
Lady's slipper - Capricious beauty; win me and wear me
Lantana - Rigor
Larkspur - Lightness; levity
Larkspur (pink) - Fickleness
Larkspur (purple) - Haughtiness
Laurel - Glory
Laurel (mountain) - Ambition
Laurestina - Distrust
Lavender (sea) - Dauntlessness

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