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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meanings of Flowers and Trees, Part VII

Meanings of Flowers and Trees, Part VII

Pomegranate - Foolishness
Pomegranate flower - Mature elegance
Poplar (white) - time
Poppy - Evanescent pleasure
Poppy (red) - consolation
Poppy (scarlet) - Fantastic extravagance
Poppy (white) - Sleep
Primrose - Early youth
Primrose (evening) - Inconstancy
Primula - Diffidence
Quince - Temptation
Ranunculus - You are radiant with charms
Ranunculus (wild) - Ingratitude
Raspberry - Remorse
Reeds - Music
Rhododendron - Danger
Rhubarb - Advice
Robin (ragged) - Wit
Rocket - Rivalry
Rose - Love
Rose (Austrian) - Thou art all that is lovely
Rose (bridal) - Happy love
Rose (burgundy) - Unconscious beauty
Rose (cabbage) - Ambassador of love
Rose (campion) - Only deserve my love
Rose (Carolina) - Love is dangerous
Rose (china) - Beauty is always new
Rose (christmas) - Please relieve my anxiety
Rose (coral) - Admiration for your accomplishments and talents
Rose (daily) - I aspire to your smile
Rose (damask) - Brilliant complexion; freshness
Rose (deep red) - Bashful shame
Rose (dog) - Pleasure and pain
Rose (Guelder) - Age; winter
Rose (Lavender) - Pure love
Rose (May) - Precocity
Rose (Multiflora) - Grace
Rose (Mundi) -  Variety
Rose (Musk) - Capricious beauty
Rose (Pink) - Friendship; graceful beauty
Rose (Pompom) - Prettiness
Rose (Provence) - My heart is in flames
Rose (Red) - Passion; beauty
Rose (Red-leaved) - Beauty and prosperity
Rose (Red and white together) - Unity
Rose (thornless) - Early attachment
Rose (Unique) - Call me not beautiful
Rose (White) - Purity; the giver is worthy of your love
Rose (Withered white) - Transient impressions
Rose (Yellow) - Jealousy; decrease in love
Rose (York) - War

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